MetaBody” is a Europe Culture project involving the media artists, digital music composers, choreographers, dancers, performers, programmers, designers, and architects from 7 different countries to cooperate and develop projects and performances ( The major discourse of the MetaBody is to question the homogenization expressions educated by the current information mediums and to release and induce the already-formulated body by interacting with pro-activeness architectural space. All the projects here were built in 1:1 scale where the students have to not only confront the construction matters through Digital Fabrication but also to implement the physical computing in the project to make an interactive installation as an immersive proactive space.

Nervion is an interactive urban furniture designed by 2015 HyperBody MSc2 students: Calcen Chen, Kubra Yilmaz, Leslie Che, and Marek Nosek.
[S]caringami is an interactive origami/folding paper wall associate with the body movement designed by 2015 HyperBody MSc2 students: Giulio Mariano, Alessandro Giacomelli, Anisa Nachett, Yizhe Guo, and Xiangting Meng
Textrinium is an interactive installation mostly utilizing the smart(thermochromic) textile designed by 2015 HyperBody MSc2 students: Bob Heester, Dimitra Dritsa, Esther Slagter, and Marien Teeuw.

Please refer to IMF2015 or HyperBody/MetaBody2014 for more information.

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Please refer to IMF2015 for more information