During the Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week 2016 (08.07.2016), the innovative fashion company, Nuages Gris, invited 5 young Dutch fashion designers together with 3 sound composers, and 3 digital visual creators including Jia-Rey Chang, to develop the first interactive fashion show of all time in the Netherlands, “Immaterialicious: Carrousel de Mimetique” at Pakhuis de Zwijger. It is an interesting opportunity to see how the digital artists transform these 5 Dutch fashion designers’ labels and styles into  various unique identities in this post-digital age.

Jia-Rey Chang was invited to this innovative fashion event and created a specific piece including 5 sequential eye-catching dynamic visual effects inspired by David Laport’s fashion style and design philosophy (David Laport is currently working on a set of dresses for the touring concerts of the world-renowned singer, SIA). Collaborating with David Laport and digital sound composer Alberto Caruso, the project was selected to be the show stopper of the whole event gaining numerous great compliments from the audience and the organizer during the night.

The interactive bomber jacket on the runway was printed with the signature images on David Laport’s facebook as an identification. Through the wireless communicating sensors embedded in the garment (the ‘miniBee’ developed by Marije Baalman and supported by STEIM), the model was able to expand, squeeze, extend, shrink and twist her flesh body to trigger the influential effects on either the sound or the digital graphics extracted from the fashion designer’s aesthetics. With the geometrical visual effects Jia-Rey Chang created and the ethereal sound effect generated by Alberto Caruso, the model improvised through fluid body movement to deliver a fruitful audio and visual integration experience.

Special thanks to photographer: Jan Willem Kaldenbach, and several stunning shots by Marco Galli and Echo Wang.
And of course, the creative model: Michelle Elisabeth who completed the show.