The preliminary idea of the HyperLoop pavilion is to create a transformable, portable, mobile space as an interactive environment retaining morphing as a creature with its own will. It is a large-scale real-time interactive structure in a constant state of flux. In this sense, the architecture from the users’ point of view is never a controllable space to fulfill their requests. To the opposite, the user has to find ways to get along with it and cooperate with this gigantic holistic sensible body by setting up a relatively intimate relationship. This dynamic interactive space was envisioned to induce or evoke common people to get out of their comfort zone to react un-normally and unusually with their body gestures, which is one of the main goals of the pavilion. The pavilion practically speaking, would also be used as an interdisciplinary laboratory for scientist, programmers, artists, biologist, performers, choreographers, designers, architects…etc., who are interested in releasing people from the long-lasting homogenization of expression of the current information and controlling mediums to cooperate and break free from the conventional body constraints by generating novel methodologies.

V-Rep Simulation

Joint Study