Future Dream

THE FUTURE DREAM I MADE//AD.2109…in Kwang Hua Computer Market…
The WORLD is so crazily obsessed into the INFORMATION -MANIA. Everyone is following the trend of OCCUPYING LESS SPACE TO CONTROL MORE PLACES. Through this tendency, Hi-technology industry in Taiwan reaches its ultimacy. People around the world are proud of owning the technological devices/gadgets of MIT( Made In Taiwan). All the global information and media are following this “TAIWAN WAVE” mania. Many INFO-ERs who work in Hi-tech, or Information, or MEDIA industry in Taiwan) turn out to get the powerful position of the most influencing company of the world, such as APPLE and MICROSOFT.

These companies are eager to set up their headquarters in Taiwan because of the abundance of technology and resources. The former Kwang Hua Computer Market are transformed to be the so-called “Kwang Hua INFO District”. This place has its historical significance due to the fame of occupying with various technology retails. All the International/Global companies intend to quarter the INFO-District to gain the most benefits while the global IN-FOers were attracted to visit this MEDIA SACRED PLACE to pilgrimage. Due to the development in the technology industry, smaller, portable, and highly refined equipment and robots, such as Micro-maker, have replaced the traditional human-power and totally change the fashion of production and the usage of the space. Although the markets are mostly transformed into the virtual on-line environment, these companies still retain launching their most updated technology and intelligent products here to enhance their competitiveness. It is the fact that Microsoft has already taken the led in the field of Information Technology District and Kwang Hua INFO-District for long years. However, due to the success invention of the “IPOD” in 2000″, APPLE has defeated the Microsoft and regained its competitive position among these global IT technology companies and gradually enhance its strength to compare with Microsoft. It may seem on the table that these two companies are competitors, but they are more like companions in business than enemies under the table. Actually, they share their technology and transmit benefits with each other to keep the balance and maintain the IT empire they built. “Enemies or Companions?” It is not a question. They take their own benefits from different specialties. Microsoft is doing well in the GAMING business, while APPLE is great in the MUSIC industry.

The Kwang Hua INFO-District, has a lot of resources and information than other locations. Under such circumstance, it gives no reasons for these two existing TV press stations, ERA and TVBS, to leave since they have been already located in this district for a long time. If leaving, the TV station will not sufficiently reach the information resources providing by the Kwang Hua INFO-District. In other words, leaving this district somehow refers to losing the premiership in the MEDIA industry. None of them would take the risk to lose the huge benefits. It refers to the idea of “who holds the INFO, who owns the WORLD.”

But somehow, the physical changes are extremely less than the changes in the virtual world. The basic requirement of a space gradually become less and less. It seems that we only need a screen of “window” and an internet cable connecting to the computer, we can dramatically turn the world upside down metaphorically. There are no specific physical needs for a space like shops or schools. All the daily stuff we need can be purchased on-line, all the things we need to be informed can be received on-line, all the techniques we learn can also go through those on-line teaching. The definition of any spatial program is weaker than ever.

Now, when we said we need “SPACE“, it indicates the Virtual Space. If the computer has enough “Spaces”, problems and requirements can all be solved, even for the physical sexual issue. Physically, what we need is just only a single footprint of space where we can place our Hi-tech facilities. And then, We can LIVE FOREVER. You can say, there is no desire for real physical space. Although the tendency seems to be that more and more people eager to live in or near the Kwang Hua INFO-District so they can get the product asap. However, all they require, is just a SINGLE ROOM SIZED SPACE. Once the space in the building is full, people started to build the new residential space up on the roof top. The ROOF TOP becomes the NEW ZERO GROUND FLOOR for constructing new individual cellular spaces. All the new structures are built on top of the old buildings. No one cares about the appearance of the new buildings because people are living in the Virtual Reality instead nowadays. No one cares.

Until one day in 2109, a disaster happens. A level 9 Earthquake happens in Taipei City. All buildings collapse and destroy in less than a minute. There are ruins everywhere. After the earthquake, the government attempts to restore the real space in Taipei. A new zoning plan has immediately promulgated by Taipei city government which separates the city into several major districts. The place near the capital plaza becomes the Administrative District; the old Xin-Yi district becomes the Financial District; the Kwang Hua INFO-District unquestionable becomes the INFORMATION CENTER OF TAIPEI. Because of the Earthquake, people who used to fascinate in the virtual world finally has revealed themselves to the real world they live. Now they start to question themselves what is REAL. The MEDIA EXPO 2109 is a new movement tending to re-build the real space of the Kwang Hua INFO-District in order to induce people coming out from the virtual reality as the main theme of this design project. It is not to claim the Virtual is negative, but this MEDIA EXPO 2109 is to make people RE-VIEW the REAL SPACE and RE-SEARCH the REAL HUMANITY.