Dr. Jia-Rey(Gary) Chang

was born in Taiwan. After completing his M.Arch degree in Architecture and Urban Design Department, UCLA, under the direction of Neil Denari in 2009, he came back to his Alma mater, the Architecture Department in TamKang University, Taiwan, researching on interactive and parametric architecture. In 2010, he established “P&A LAB” (Programming and Architecture LAB, and lately integrated into archgary.com to continue) exploring the new possible relationship between the programming and architecture. Meanwhile, he also worked in the Architecture Department of the National Taipei University of Technology as an adjunct lecturer.

In 2011, he joined the Hyperbody LAB, Department of Architectural Engineering and Technology, TU Delft, for his Ph.D. research on Interactive Architecture. Cooperating with choreographers, visual artists, composers, and programmers, he has been involved in an EU project, MetaBody, during 2011-2014 to explore the pro-activeness and intra-action relationship between body movement and spatial quality. In early 2018, he finished his Ph.D. research with the dissertation titles as “HyperCell: A Bio-inspired Design Frameworks for Real-time Interactive Architectures”, proposing the idea of self-intelligent building components by exploring into the fields of computation, embodiment, and biology in design. Meanwhile, he is also extremely interested in the transdisciplinary topics of fashion design, creative coding, visualization, 2D/3D simulation, interactive design and motion tracking technology, and conduct numerous workshops over the years. He is now an assistant professor in the IXD Lab, Department of Art&Design, University of Delaware continuing developing his HyperCell concept and projects around his philosophy of ‘space as a living being’ and immersive spatial Interaction Design.